Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Whatever you do in life can be enhanced by hypnosis.  Learn the power of your subconscious mind.  It’s ability to effect positive change without any conscious effort on your part, can be truly amazing! 

Every problem has a cause, when you eliminate the cause from the subconscious mind, the problem disappears.

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe programming, exploratory or relaxing technique that can benefit anyone.  It is the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming your subconscious mind to work in cooperation with your conscious desires.

You are already familiar with hypnosis, although you may not realize it.  You go through these altered states of consciousness, or brain wave levels, a minimum of twice a day.  Once when you are crossing over to sleep and again when you are awakening.

Areas That Are Helped By Hypnotherapy:

Fear of Flying, Pain Management, Stress Control, Eating Disorder,Smoking Addiction  

Concentration, Fear of Success, Anxiety, Relaxation, Problem Solving,Phobias  

Healing the Inner Child, Hypnosis for Surgery, Grief Management, Self Image, Nail Biting

  Substance Abuse, Insomnia, Motivation, Past-Life Therapy  and much much more……

Do You Suffer From Any of the Above?  If the answer is yes…..

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General Hypnosis Session 1-1 1/2 hours $125  

Past Life Regression Session  $220

I received my Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training Certificate in 2015, training with Kathleen Peters.  In Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, there is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a higher power will prevail within the therapeutic relationship, synchronistically bringing those insights and experiences that lead to the client’s highest good.  Transpersonal hypnotherapy is an orientation that can best be described by defining the word, transpersonal-the crossing of mind, body, and spirit or soul.  I am certified in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy with www.NATH.world.

Introspective Hypnosis Session      

I received my Certification in Introspective Hypnosis in September 2018 with Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.  Introspective Hypnosis combines different techniques: Erickson Hypnosis, Forgiveness Therapy, Role Changing, Past Life Regression, and Spirit Assistance/Spirit Releasement.  Introspective Sessions $220

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a hypnosis technique that goes beyond the perceived limitations of traditional and or clinical hypnosis. BQH allows the practitioner to use all their skills and learning, both from the BQH method and through their own studies, to adjust to the clients individual needs and comfort level.  Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions $220