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My past life regression with Debe was phenomenal!  She created such a warm and comfortable space and quickly brought me back to several of my previous incarnations, every one of which was an enlightening surprise that gave me important information and insight into my current life.  She was able to get every one of my questions answered and then some.  The most profound part of the experience was the healing and integration that took place.  I’ve felt absolutely incredible since the session and cannot recommend it highly enough.  It has brought me real peace and balance since releasing attachments that do not serve me in this lifetime and even my physical maladies have been improved.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this way sooner!  Fallon Hundhammer

Today was a big day for me! I have had a paralyzing fear of flying for years. Thanks to Debe Sullivan Mindful Living for my hypnosis session last week!! I flew for the first time today in over ten years with no medication, no racing heart, no panic for days on end before traveling, and my muscles aren’t sore from tensing up for the duration of a flight. I am so happy that I called I called Debe! She is my new hero! And my family (and anyone who has every been subjected to flying with me) thanks her very much too for me not being a basket case at the airport once again!  Jordan Mills Brown

10 days ago I received a hypnotherapy session at Mindful Living from Debe Sullivan to assist with my desire to quit smoking. I can assure you it is no coincidence that I have now been 10 days SMOKE FREE!!!! (please keep reading) I have had little to none of the typical effects of quitting when I tried in the past… no additional desire for food/snacks, any urges to smoke that have popped up have quickly subsided, I haven’t felt the edginess/anxiety I have felt when I’ve quit before. It’s as if my body, mind, and spirit have finally agreed that I’m a non-smoker! I recommend her to any and all who are seeking a change! HDIGABTT? Kammie  Goatley  (update- Kammie has not smoked since November 2016, todays date is January 2018!)

Grateful to Debe Sullivan at Mindful Living, Paducah for working through hypnosis to help me overcome ‘years old’ obstacles!  Sharrie Thompson

Very comfortable environment for hypnosis experience. Using hypnosis Debe guided me through a creative impass resulting in a clearer perspective and joyful energy. Over time this change in my sense of assurance seems to deepen rather than dissipate. More recently I returned to Mindful Living seeking a recommendation for turning around my chronic stressed grumpiness over expectations and past experiences during the holidays. Debe recommend an energy clearing. It was amazing and gave me ability to celebrate the holidays from a loving self-expressive place. Highly recommend, Debe is doing meaningful work on many levels.  Kathryn Harper

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