10 Keys to Total Freedom Book Club ~click here for more info~

The 10 Keys to Total Freedom Book Club
Cost: $200 USD

No prerequisites!

In her new book, CHOOSING HAPPINESS, Rüdrani Devi explores the many reasons why we might not choose happiness and offers ten key tools, along with many others from the Access Consciousness® movement, that helped her navigate choosing a journey to happiness, sometimes against all odds.

What if you could have a simple list of tools that could change almost anything in your life? Would you be willing to have that much ease? What if using just ONE of these tools every day could totally change your life? It’s totally possible… you just need to choose it! Are you ready to lose big chunks of your frustration, confusion and limitations? Is this the class for you? Is now the time?

Join us for this impactful 4-hour class be ready for more change than you thought possible! How does it get any better?

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Rü is a holistic therapist and medical intuitive. She facilitates energy sessions and intuitive consultation in-person or remote from her practice in Nashville, TN. She also gives inspirational talks of her experience in vibrational healing wherever invited. Rü is the creator of Devi Essentials, Inc. aroma-theraputic essential oil blends and is the sole proprietor of The Devi Clinic, Inc.